Authentic styles for miles.


Our DJs are not kids with downloaded playlists, eager to be seen.


Our DJs are veterans from the vinyl age, passionate about unearthing and enjoying recorded music - from every place, age and genre.

They have learned and perfected their craft in clubs, at underground parties and presenting radio around the world.


Now that experience can be yours to enjoy.


We will manage every part of the DJ's engagment.

All of our DJs are happy to work along with you to create exactly the right musical mood for your event or venue.


Got no equipment? No Problem! We can take care of all of that.


Just check out the profiles below, listen to a demo mix or two from the mixes page, and get in touch with your enquiries.


The Shady Lady


A graduate of the Sydney and Barcelona house scenes (with honours), the Shady Lady quickly uprocked from dancefloor queen to DJ diva thanks to her ear for blissful boogie and sultry basslines. Her mixes ooze sista soul and sohpisticated abandon.


Genres: Rare groove, vintage r&b, upfront boogie, disco, house, hip-hop.



DJ Burn Hard


An internationally known and respected collecter, dealer, DJ and soul maven, DJ Burn Hard rose out of the European soul scene and came to conquer Australia. Being one of the promoters and DJs of Motion and the Northern Soul Weekenders, his dancefloor credentials are as rare as his records.


Genres: Northern soul, modern soul, early disco.


Demo Mixes: Here.


The Flash


Having collected music, DJed and presented radio for more than 20 years, the Flash can only be considered a serial offender. The Flash's mixes blend old with new, obscure with familiar, and are always full of surprises.


Genres: Funk, rare groove, disco, deep house, hip-hop, classics.


Demo Mixes: Here.

Harry Sounds


A steadfast warrior of the Sydney underground, Harry has been a dance music disciple since childhood. Paradise Lost pillar and High Spirits honcho, Harry's passion as a DJ and party host just can't be denied.


Genres: Underground disco, afrobeat, boogie, jazzfunk, house, reggae.


Demo Mixes: Here.

Mrs S


Mrs S stirs hearts and dancing feet every time she takes to the turntables. Her mixes are warm, enveloping exercises in selection style, and the fun she has while playing them is infectious.


Genres: Modern soul, crossover, disco.


Demo Mixes: Here.


Agent 00-Soul


Agent 00-Soul is a true intransigent soul-scenester. His DJing career spans some 25 years, and his knowledge of all things soul is encylcopedic. 


Genres: Northern soul, modern soul, soulful house, early disco.


The Flying Fist


The Flying Fist has been DJing since the late 1990s and recently finished a decade-long stint as permanent co-host of THE BIG PAYBACK. Along with his firm love of the roots, the Fist's tastes venture into bourbon-soaked bayous, classic esoteria and beyond.



Genres: Funk, soul, blues, indie, bluegrass, hip-hop, classics.




Founding member of the Paradise Lost and People Must Jam crews. JMS is a collector, DJ, label man and promoter like no other. Suckled on disco, house and techno and matured in the Chicago heartland, JMS brings real depth to every event he plays at.  


Genres: Underground disco, boogie, Chicago house.


Mr Webster


A collector, connoisseur, radio presenter and party-rocker, Mr Webster is known for main-floor madness on the Sydney underground disco scene. 


Genres:  Disco, boogie, house, afrobeat, rare groove.



DJ Manky


Emerging from the influential Manchester soul scene, DJ Manky got his musical education from none other than northern soul maestro, Richard Searling. A tireless crate-digger with sweeping sensibilities.


Genres: Soul, boogie, disco, soul jazz.


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